Hello! If you would like to schedule a personal one-on-one meeting with me through zoom, I am happy to meet with you at a mutually convenient time. You are welcome to use the form below to schedule a time to chat with me via a virtual computer meeting.

If the available times listed are limited and/or do not fit your schedule or if you wish to have a phone meeting, feel free to e-mail me at and we can see if there is an alternate time/method that is mutually convenient.

Once you book your time, I will follow up with a “zoom meeting” link for you to use during our scheduled meeting. The link is: (passcode 1234)

Keep in mind that the time slots are only 30 minutes long. I will be ready to begin promptly at that time and we will do our best to end on time (or early) so we can make time for all students! I look forward to our meeting.

Very sincerely,
Toni Gist

USA / Central
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October - November 2021 Oct - Nov 2021

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